Where can I get tickets?
At eastsidefoodfest.eventbrite.com, which you can get to from the tickets page.

When do ticket sales end?
Saturday, October 21 at 11:59pm

Can I get tickets at the door?
Yes, but entry depends on capacity and availability after advance ticket sales. If you do not have an advance ticket, we suggest coming after 5pm to try to purchase tickets at the door so that the advance purchase lines will have died down.

Is it rain or shine?

What is the price of a ticket for the event and what does it get?
We have General Admission, VIP and Non-Drinker tickets available. Each ticket is priced differently depending on when exactly you buy it. Visit our Tickets page for full information.

So it’s the Eastside Food Festival? What neighborhoods does this include?
We know there are plenty of Los Angeles purists out there who will insist that east LA is not Silver Lake, not downtown, etc. We are not arguing this point! The EastSide Food Festival is not about “East LA,” but the east side of LA. You wouldn’t say Echo Park was on the west side of LA would you? Certainly not! In our version of the east side of LA, we basically include all neighborhoods east of Western. This includes Los Feliz, Silver Lake, East Hollywood, Koreatown, DTLA, Highland Park, Eagle Rock, Atwater, Echo Park, etc. The goal is to support locally owned and operated businesses in all of our local communities on the east side.

Should I purchase tickets in advance?
It is highly encouraged. Not only do we offer discounted Early Bird tickets for those who choose to purchase tickets well in advance, it is also less expensive to purchase tickets at normal ticket price online rather than at the door. Price will go up at the door the day of the event. Not only that, but it is possible that we may sell out days in advance! Get those tickets now!

What is the price of a ticket for the event and what does it get?
We have General Admission, VIP and Non-Drinker tickets available. Each ticket is priced differently depending on when exactly you buy it. Visit our Tickets page for full information.

What does the VIP ticket get you?
Our VIP offerings have greatly expanded this year! There will be 1 full hour on early entry for VIP guests only from 3-4pm during which time there will be special VIP-exclusive tastings and events, and the expanded VIP lounge lasts all day with extra places to relax. Not to mention that the VIP ticket comes with 5 drink tickets per person, so this pretty much pays for the price difference already. The VIP experience will truly shine!

Do I need to bring cash to the fest?
Not necessarily. But we do suggest it! Though the food part of the food fest is all inclusive, there will be many opportunities to purchase cool stuff once there – like Raffle Tickets or extra drinks, and though we will be accepting swipe credit cards, we suggest cash as the easiest and quickest transaction method. So bring some if you can! (Plus you’ll need to tip your bartenders!)

Will Souplantation be involved as a vendor?
No. As we have mentioned, the goal of this event is to support locally owned and operated businesses. And while we love Souplantation, neither they nor any other corporately owned establishment will be involved as a vendor.

What kind of food should I expect to have at EastSide Food Festival?
The EastSide Food Festival is sample sized based. We are asking each vendor to have 1 or 2 items of their choosing in sample size portions.

Do I have to pay for the food once I am inside?
No! Your ticket covers all you can eat!

Is there a charity benefactor?
Yes! Your attendance helps us to achieve a fiscal contribution to PATH organization, who are based here on the east side of LA and do amazing things helping homeless people find housing all over Southern California.

Is there a way that I can help out more and donate directly to PATH?
Yes! PATH will be onsite during the event collecting contributions. We are also hosting a raffle during the festival with great prizes. All raffle proceeds go directly to PATH.

What other cool stuff is happening at the EastSide Food Festival besides the culinary vendors?
•  Discussion panel featuring local musicians talking about food
•  Food demonstrations
•  Live DJs
•  Raffle featuring high-end prize items – raffle profits go directly to benefit PATH organization
•  Snacky Tunes will be recording a podcast at the event
•   More TBA!

Is there an age requirement to attend the EastSide Food Festival?
Yes, the EastSide Food Festival is 21+

I’m a vegetarian / vegan, will I be able to eat at the EastSide Food Festival?
Yes! Though the majority of our vendors are not vegetarian or vegan establishments, we do have a few, and we are also encouraging vendors to have vegetarian and vegan options if it fits the vibe of their establishment and regular menu. So though you may not be able to eat everything, there should still be plenty of options for you.

Is there liquor at the event, and is it included with the price of admission?
Yes, there will be liquor, beer, and wine at the EastSide Food Festival. Please note that we are only serving alcoholic beverages with the purchase of drink tickets. The bars will NOT take payment of any kind for drinks, only drink tickets. Each price point comes with a specific number of drink tickets. Visit our Tickets page for full info and pricing.

I’m not sure yet how much I will want to drink, will I be able to purchase drinks at the event?
Yes! Individual drink tickets will be available at the drink tickets booth for purchase. Please note that the Bars will NOT take payment for drinks. You must purchase a drink ticket in order to get a drink. The drink ticket payment point will be centrally located near the bars.

How do I get to EastSide Food Fest?
There are many options! More info to come on this as we get closer to the event. Check out directions & check-in.

Have any more questions?
Feel free to contact us and we will answer any question you have! – info@eastsidefoodfest.com


Mack Sennett Studios
1215 Bates Ave, LA 90029
off Sunset Blvd & Fountain Ave

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